Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can get involved with the work of Teamwork WYC
You can get involved by volunteering in some of our projects, attending a fundraising event, by donating funds or unused items to support our overseas projects to fight against poverty.

Below are our outlines for the project.

Weekly Meetings

A weekly meeting at an allotted time will provide youth with a safe environment in which to socialise with others enduring the same situations. Within the weekly meetings there will be opportunities to practise English, fill out forms or other documents that you may require help with, play games and relax in a friendly atmosphere. Meetings last for 2-3 hours in the evening.

Skills Workshops

Every month we aim to bring in professionals and volunteers to provide sessions on building skills whether this be English language proficiency, skills for employability or providing opportunities for discussion about individual situations.

Monthly Social Activities

The function of this aspect of the project is to provide the refugee youth with the opportunity to have fun. This will include trips to Birmingham various attractions and will help youths become familiar with public transport around the city. We aim to utilise free attractions such as parks and art galleries but would require participants to pay for their transport costs and meals.

The Challenge

Every three months we would like to provide youths with the opportunity to participate in a challenge. Examples would be rock climbing or outdoor pursuits such as kayaking and mountain walking which would challenge them individually and it is hoped that it will build and strengthen bonds between the different nationalities on the team.


In The last past years , we succeeded in providing football and other sport activities to young people and this year we would like to establish a football team and provide coaching for those interested. However, it is hoped that by reaching out into the local community we may be able to attract volunteers to teach other sports.


We consider art as a very important medium of expression and would be encouraging creative pursuits in the form of an art class at the weekly meeting. We would also like to bring in outside help to provide music lessons, dance workshops and drama classes.