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Our Team

Teamwork WYC staff comprises of experience professional Social workers, Primary health care practitioner, Social-Psychologist, Immigration advisers and Teachers who will endeavor to assist all our clients and beneficiaries. The Teamwork group aspires to do their best in providing service support, guidance and training to all would be service users.

Teamwork WYC

As Activities of Teamwork WYC have continue to grow and by listening to our clients and beneficiaries we have also deemed it necessary to form Alliances and establish networks abroad with grassroots organization sharing our passion and objectives. Violence against women, girls and young adults of LGBT community is endemic in most conflict raided societies where majority receipts of our services in the United Kingdom originate. And the consequences are both devastating and lasting even to those few exceptions who manage to escape to Britain.

Sexual and gender based violence is not just a by-product of war; it is also often a strategy of combat, used systematically to terrorise and humiliate. The psychological and social consequences of such violence are equally as devastating as the physical, as the prevailing stigma often leaves women and young adult isolated and increasingly vulnerable.

Therefore the Teamwork group is highly relevant that we train our attention to the issues involved not only when the victims managed to escape and reach our doorsteps but also for those who remain hostage in those countries where pursuit of alliance and networks is workable.

Teamwork WYC - Activities Overseer's

Our Aims
Our organisation aims to develop a vibrant network of young people, to help them make positive changes within themselves and in the process create a supportive, cohesive environment for the wider refugee community

We hope to provide a supportive, community hub which encourages friendship and feelings of belonging.

It is our desire in the next three years to reach out to five children between the ages of 5-9 years old, 10 children between 10-15 years, 10 children between 15-18 years and 5 children nineteen years and over.

We endeavour to give opportunities to youth to develop their skills and aspirations and become ambassadors of their own communities.

Through the mediums of art, sport, outdoor pursuits and social activities we hope to engage with refugee youths and help them become powerful, well rounded individuals.

During the transitional stage we want to be a supportive environment for youths, somewhere they feel they can express themselves and confide  in us if they feel they need to.

We want to empower youths by developing their core skills, through language proficiency, skills for employment and interpersonal skills such as leadership, cooperation and self confidence.