Welcome to Teamwork WYC

Providing Support for Women, Youth and Children

Teamwork Women, Youth and Children is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2013 by Suzanne Bisani with the primary objective of supporting BME women and other minority/vulnerable communities in the area of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Over the past three years Teamwork’s involvement in the delivery of first-line support programs for women and vulnerable groups have extended to carter for diverse communities in the UK and in countries further afield as  Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, The Republic of Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic , France and The Democratic Republic of The Congo to mention but a few.

TeamWYC Background

Birmingham has a long history of migration, making it an incredibly diverse place to live in and for those who are given a  chance it is a vibrant city with immeasurable  excellent life changing opportunities. The need to support refugee youths has become apparent after the closure of several prominent refugee support agencies this fact identified by Refugee Youth based in London. Many young people are victims of discrimination due to their  race, colour or religion; and this  divides communities and makes integration difficult and overall impedes a cohesive society. Furthermore during the decision process over residency, a stuck in limbo effect occurs which stifles the individual’s self-development and causes stagnation in terms of their education and employability. Considering all these factors currently affecting refugee youth it is apparent that the need for a refugee support group is more than justified.

Current Children and Youth Activities

Youth Club

In the last few years, Teamwork WYC has been involved in projects that support children and young people. Teamwork WYC aim is to engage with those feeling isolated and disempowered by displacement and provide them with an environment where they can develop as individuals and fully integrate into the local community. By supporting opportunities for their development we will equip youths especially those from refugee background with the ability to transform their own futures, integrate and contribute to society as a whole

Arts and Culture Projects

Runs for two hours a week to help children and young people express themselves showcasing their abilities, confidence in displaying their talent in public through performances and be proud of their roots and heritage. This project will help children to deal with their past and issues at home – a lot of these will be explored through arts and culture activities in a culturally sensitive way. Currently funded by The BBC Children in Need under three principals: An Increased Self Esteem, Uplift skill and Improve relationships with the people who matter in young people’s lives and their community.


This is a learning experience between young people living in the UK visiting other countries and exchanging their culture and knowledge with young people overseas; this is also the opportunity for young people to get to know other countries and cultures ( at the moment this project is delivered between UK and France).

Women Activities

  • Counselling and Safe spaces to women/girls survivors of sexual violence
  • Provide workshops to help women living in deprived community learn how generate income and acquire skills and ability to provide for oneself and their Children.
  • Offer a platform to raising awareness of barriers in day to day life and opportunities in their newly adopted country of resident.
  • Sensitization of women, young adults about their health and civil obligations
  • Skills and employment workshops, domestic violence workshops ( women only), fitness workshops (women only )